Game of war defense strategy

game of war defense strategy

If you want to know how to be a solo trap in Game of War Fire Age enjoy the pointers. These videos show how. 1 Site for Game of War: Fire Age - Tips, Guides and Strategies. Nemesis Lord Help yourself combat the many attack boosts with this latest set of defence gear. Game Of War Ep 92 Best Defense Set And Mix Defense Set + Hero Skill FREE in the most addicting. Gurkha Sons October 5, at 6: This test was performed by using the same hero gear and boosts as per the tests in part 6 of this guide. Also, Blind Eagle in his article Reign of Kinoichi's Kunai is Over , rally leaders have in the past used full attack setups to overwhelm Kinoichi's Kunai users. Check out the guide to the best combat gear here at http: I would rather hit a 2B Rally Trap baiting in Magisters then an m in Haunted. I am sh 30 but lacking which troops should I build n how many and which gem needs to be embedded to cap the hero with max account now a days???? Darkthorne September 27, at 1: Btw , are you going to add a recommendation for Rally Defense Core stats like you do for Attack Cores custom? November 13, at Many traps do the march tree in order to get to presets. So, in order to reduce the damage you are going to take you need at least that much defense and more. Sign up to our newsletter! If they have a similar Troop count but way more power, then they have far more research and you should stay away. May 28, at Jake August 1, at 8: Burn October 24, at 4: How do you heal your city after being attacked. Fire Age — Account Recovery. For one extended weekend a month, the Super Wonder in the Kingdom of Fire opens for epic battle and the illustrious title of Emperor of Game of War. I am using this gear. September 9, at Defense Boost — The most basic of all the defenses is the temporary Defense Boost. It was given in a DBC pack I believe. You can use it for as long as you want without the need of recrafting upon use.

Game of war defense strategy - Großen

They are limited by number of marches and march size, just like everyone else. I run three to six Villas, mainly because I do eight to twelve Hospitals. After sh 15 you can buy hero skill resets and us all the points in attack. You save all your defense when wearing three. Strategy article partially contributed by Jade Phoenix. September 10, 7 Comments. Right now with the debuffs below, I can solo most players who aren't wearing at least 2 daggers and Hero , KT power. Fire Age — Building Setup Part 2 — Inside Your City Mike Baars on Game of War: Stats, Recipe, and Set Bonus Artemis Core Set: They say Defense is your best offense, but they also say offense is your best defense. Chad May 21, at 3: Leo July 21, at 5: Only my T2 get sent out farming. Kat September 27, at


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